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Friday, October 14, 2016

just like a human being

well, that was a longish drought. So long I thought it was four years, but this blog shows it's been but a couple of years. A couple of disrespectful encounters put me off the dating apps, and I just got on with my life, and was beginning to think my libido had vanished. Today, I can't quite walk straight, but I feel like I'm a human being, just like every other human being :) 

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

today was brilliant ;)


Monday, December 16, 2013

Delightfully sexed

I was finally motivated to try the new dating apps. Result.

On the QT, high on the list of things I must never say aloud…

There are a lot more pole wanting hole than there is hole wanting pole.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

It's not all sexless ;)

I just took another young man's virginity.

Probably past time I let go of cultural judgements about "dirty old men", "cougars", and such. I guess I've met everyone in my own generation that I was likely to bonk, and bonked some of them, but they are not as cool about sexual diversity as the twenty somethings (counting twenty as twenty something) .

I'll sleep well tonight ^-^

Sunday, November 11, 2012

pre-court nerves

it's just a full Supreme Court Appeal, and I've done that before, last time representing myself with no legal support at all, and this time I have a top-end legal team, i just have to sit and look pretty... androgynous... and i do look pretty androgynous without much effort, so this should be easy...

walk in the park

it's a dawdle

a piano has been playing on ABCNews24 now, and i've appreciated the soothing effects, and i'm not even going to wonder where the news has gone

i can't stop crying

i cried in church, i cried on the ride home, i don't even know why

pre-court nerves

messiah complex

apparently jesus's last public statement, before all the going off to get nailed up kerfuffle, was about the widow who gave her all, though it was but a couple of coins, it was all she had to live on, it was her means of living, her life, that she gave

and, as the minister explained this in this morning's homily, I immediately imagined myself winning the case tomorrow, and being shot on the steps of the court by some rabid fundy.

and i should just bloody well get over myself, for even if i am successful in this legal case, I am just the one chosen for the case by others who are working much harder for social justice in this area, and just one of many people who have furthered social justice in the courts, and one of many more who further social justice by whatever means and with or without any social profile about this

and this is not them, but me, here, now, the day before

but this is not just me, but also them in me, here now, and forever, in both directions

always was, always will be

you can touch me and yet not feel me

but when i think of you, i feel you in my mind

i can do this

i don't "know" the outcome, whether it be another legal nicety, another court date, a delayed judgment, a legal triumph, or a call for legal reform, but my experience with the law has taught me that more often than not, what appears to be the totally logical course of action, is totally abandoned.. no, hang on, i can see the projection here... it is me who is abandoned.. But my point is, when it comes to the law, i cannot reliably predict when what will happen... um, isn't that quantum mechanics..  yeah, ok, second Bloody Mary is doing its job...

I've pretty much stopped crying, and i feel far less nervous now, thank you ethanol, the makers of ethanol, and the makers of my neurolinguistic-chemical whatchamaycallit-ness, thank you , thank you all, be nice to each other, and to your selves

Sunday 11.11.12

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Neither M nor F: Australians can tick the X box - Monsters and Critics