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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Aarows sauna

A sauna/sex on premises venue way out in the suburbs, about an hour on public transport from my home on The Block, but their website said they don't discriminate on sexuality or gender grounds. So a friend and I went out there a couple of weeks ago, and I finally broke the drought.

Well, near enough; At least I found someone willing to give my skin contact with his skin. But he either had had a hard day or a busy night already, or perhaps there is no real bisexuality in men, for he was not able to sustain the turgidity required for intercourse.

I have been a little rattled by a recent academic assertion discrediting male bisexuality as a preference, and have yet to find personal evidence that it is possible for a man to be sexually aroused by both of my genders. If they see me as a guy, I can fellate them successfully, but they don't (successfully) fuck me. If they see me as a girl, they'll fuck me, but they won't appreciate my boyish chest.

I scored on a Friday night, and tried again just over a week later, but Monday night is a bit quiet.

I don't know how this will go. Either my sexual confidence will be totally destroyed in this place, or I will get taken to heaven.


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