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Friday, March 31, 2006

Cocksucking sissyboygirl

I went to a funeral of an elderly friend yesterday, a lovely affair scripted by this old Bhuddist anarchist free-thinking sage, and following his life example, today I took a chance on a older larger man at the sauna today (the one in Chinatown. It was just up from the cinema I saw V in, and I knew I'd be in a good mood after V, so it was part of a planned day...) who talked nicely to me, and I got nicely sorted, thank you very much. I'm a happy cock-sucking sissyboygirl now (for at least a week maybe). Not every man looks down on "bottoms".. some actually appreciate us!

I went with the older gent after a younger Asian guy had tried his luck with me, but after a short suck he (Asian guy) wanted to fuck, and then found he couldn't manage turgidity with a cunt (he was forewarned, and knew the score before he led me to a cubicle!), and left rather abruptly. I think I prefer older men who know their sexuality, rather than young guys who are studs in their own minds but are so often dismally disappointing. In my youth I'd just have flipped these guys over, but I don't have that option now ; )

And anyway, much as it galls me to admit it as a feminist, I am by nature a bottom.

Apparently there is some scientific evidence indicating that some people are attracted to men because of a genetic disposition to liking men chemically. This trait is on the X chromosone, and while it has obvious fertility value if the recipient of this is female, every human has an X chromosone. Maybe it's a factor that's present in some and absent in others, or present in all and suppressed or augmented to varying degrees. Anyway, I got it, and to function healthily I need the smell and taste of man regularly.

Whether this man suits my ego's ideas of who it would like to be seen with is beside the point.

At the end of the day, any man who is nice to me and fancies me and has all his working parts working will satisfy my needs as a sexual human animal.

The drawnback, sadly, is that men are so often vile to people who love cock. Think of all the bad names for us. Honestly, finding a man who wants his dick sucked, and who won't give me any grief for doing that, is a major challenge. So many of them have wanted to play power games, or human possession, or stole my rent money cos I'm just a cocksucking faggot.

However, the more sure I am of the rightness of me being as I am, the less these losers bother me.

Oh, and just in case I thought I was now living in happy fairy land, tonight the local kids decided to hurl water bombs into the house of "the trany". Luckily I heard them plotting and closed the window just in time for it to take the brunt of a water bomb, but then a few rocks followed.

Never the less, it's my job to be as my creator made me, true to my effeminate androgynous androphilic nature, no matter what the consequences.

Only three months in, and already TWO roots this year! That's double the whole of last year! And today's success has given me more courage that I am reasonably attractive, including my particular gender/sexuality.


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