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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Three Androgynous Sexual Attractions

Now that I have abandoned any prospect of overlaying my androgyny and acquiring female secondary sexual characteristics, I am happier in my body, and it is producing happier thoughts. I may not appeal to people who are single-gender-fixated, but they're not really my type anyway, and my own androgynous body gives me some attractive features, by virtue of its androgyny:

(1) Its perfect androgyny, the moving play of ying and yang, the appeal of the exotic. Standing naked, I look like a character from another world, a bit like a nymph, or an elf. Or an androgynous angel ; )

(2) My androgynous body could be attractive for a bisexual lad who wanted to be monogamous, for he could have relations with both sexes without having to have more than one partner.

(3) OK, here's a rude bit warning. There is a warning in the intro, but you may have forgotten or not noticed it, so here's the warning again. The next bit is , well, rude, so don't claim I'm responsible for offending you if you read on after the warning. Ahem Where was I? On yes,

(3) Fucking me is like fucking a boy and a girl both at once.

: )



My self esteem has recovered, my sexual and personal confidence returned and increased, as I appreciate more and more all that my creator has made of and for me. My connection to the Way, to the abudant flow of life, increases as I learn to trust and expand my senses and awareness of my world and how I am in it.

Normativists beware, and diss not my way!
I have less time
for tiny tiny minds!

My libido, ego and superego are all three of One Mind.
And not of this kind or that kind, but simply of the One Kind.


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