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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wait till you're asked

So, I'm in the spa at Rydalmere (on Sunday, after my trip to the beach), when a man starts exploring my body, doesn't like what he discovers, and then has to voice a rejection when I haven't put any kind of proposal to him whatsoever. Wait till you're asked, QUEEN!

I'm making no move at all, he's the one making the move on me, and then says "Thanks but no thanks." Wait till you're asked! Worse, he has to interrogate me to justify his rejection. Get this: After he's pulled back, which is where the interaction should have ended, after he's decided he aint interested, fair enough, pull back, fuck off, and spare me your normalism you tiny minded fool, after he's pulled back he wants to know my fucking life story, "Are you a woman?" ("Um, broadly, maybe, sort of, arguably", I said), "Are you transsexual?" (" Arguably, broadly, sort of", I replied), "Thanks but no thanks" (Great. Wait till you're asked, you rude egocentric queen!)

I can accept that at least 80 or 90% of guys are limited by normal gender/sex expectations, and will not be interested in someoone as special as me. Fine, good, fair enough, that still leaves me with enough possible partners on this planet. I don't need to hear your rejections or justifications or whatever you use to rationalise your pointless fucking lives. I don't make passes at you. You've got no fucking right to knock me back until I do make a pass at you. And hell will freeze over first.

I ran up and down the stairs to work off my anger, and then someone came over to me sitting in the movie room and let me suck his dick, and didn't recoil in horror from my feminised groin, and he got his rocks off, and said "Thank you", and I felt human.

I'm still working my way up to fuckable, but at least I got to human.

But if you think I'm unfuckable, at least wait till you're asked!


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