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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I got hit by a bus

I got hit by a bus yesterday

I got hit by a bus.

I got hit by a bus!


Because I'm still alive!

Actually, I think it was Jesus specfically who saved me, as this happened (on my bike) just outside the church (on Broadway, now part of Norte Dame University) where I had committed my first conscious act of radical Christian activism, altering their "Trespassers will be Prosecuted" sign to "Trespassers will be FORGIVEN". I did this a few years ago, but it got mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald's Stay In Touch column, but more importantly, Jesus remembered it, and when I was HIT BY A BUS, Jesus saved me. Thanks mate.

I reckoned I owed Christ a bit of gratitude after that, so I delivered the local paper put out by the local social justice activist Christians (yeah, the mob I hang with, the Uniting Church in Waterloo) to the Block (always first, with first delivery to The Aboriginal Tent Embassy) and then Chippendale East of Abercrombie, seven hundred copies all up. I kept going cos I didn't want to leave it undone if I stopped and became stiff and sore. I was, after all, hit by A BUS.

Not a bone broken. 45, castrated, no fuckin' prescription oestrogen for fifteen years, and not a bone broken. HIT BY A BUS. Take that, "medical experts" who prophesised oesteoporosis and broken bones if I stayed free of their potions! I was HIT BY A BUS and I'm OK!

Thank you Jesus, and bollocks to the scribes!


I'm still euphoric. What a fantasticly good life!

I got hit by A BUS!!!!!!

And I'm OKAY!

My life ROCKS!

It's now a day later, and today I feel like I've been hit by a bus, but then, I've been hit by a bus(so i'm a little bit stiff and sore), and.. I was hit by a bus (I am the first hand witness to a miracle! I am Beloved! )



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