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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Love and let love!

Figuring there was one way for me to get laid, I headed down to William Street last Thursday wearing not a lot, and within an hour, I was bedded by a very fit young brick layer, and richer for the experience. I haven’t been able to give it away for free for years, but I can sell it. Go figure.

Not so much luck Friday night, when I was thrown off by the pigs interfering with me going about my lawful business. Pulled up on the kerb and told me someone wearing the same badge as me had been throwing bottles. I had a word to their boss today, who will remind them they are servants of the public, not tyrants, and it is not wise to interfere contemptuously with active citizens going about their lawful business.

Saturday was a total cop porn movie, with the entire Block blocked off because a gang of gunslingers (the cops) had been fired at by someone else with a gun. Copper chopper all night, cars searched, ID demanded of citizens by the infestation of armed mercenaries. No suggestion the gunman was shooting at anyone with a gun, so we citizens were all safe, yet it is we citizens who were prevented from returning to our own homes. No explanation, by the way, was given to us at the time the police elected to impose martial law on the people’s homes and commons.

You are not our masters, copper. You are our servants, and in theory at least, you are answerable to us, not the other way about. At least, as far as we ensure you are.

Anyway, off to the street with me, I could still do with the sex, and the money. And then dancing at a gay or mixed club, and maybe a chance to sleep listening to someone else breathing. Ahhh!

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