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Friday, January 26, 2007

Lovely Day Out

Big Day Out. Feeling really good. Met my friend Chris there as I walked in, without planning to. I’d offered him my plus one (I was performing a spot at Mondo Exotica), and he said it was a “quasi date”, and treated me like a lady all night, holding my hand and walking arm in arm, even when I changed out of my bright rainbow dress into a pair of jeans and bare torso. He’s loving and affectionate with everyone, but last night, he was loving and affectionate with me, and I still feel really good.


It is so nice to get physical affection from a nice man accepting me as I am, eccentric to consumerism, blithe to conformity (and meta signals and other social media), radically androgynous, an outrageously swishy smooth chest - camel toe.

Also met my best friend’s housemate, Amanda, and the gorgeously flamboyantly towering David from Kooky, and a few other anarchist spunks I’ve seen around, all by chance, at a huge event with hundreds of thousands.

I saw a boy wearing the flag, with a Greens sticker protesting "Sniff Off" to the pigs' dogs. Even those who don't realise they are friends of our borderless revolution of Love are our friends, for everyone wants freedom and happiness.

Got me cartoon in for the South Sydney Herald yesterday morning too. Woke up at 2am horny, managed to prove the wimpy eunuchs of the TV show on Hijras wrong (I reckon pretty much anyone with a prostrate can ejaculate. I mean, honey, it may take half an hour, and might not be earth shaking if you’re not really focussed, but, oh, come to think of it, hormones may make most transwomen backfire, so to speak, and not realise they’ve cum cos it’s just gone into the bladder. Anyway, been awhile since I’ve managed the full half hour, so to speak, without ruining it with negative thoughts about being alone, so I’m particulary happy about it).. where was I? Oh yes, stayed awake, decided to draw cartoon, and it was scanned and emailed by 4am. And then a trip to Olympic park, a gig where I got to take my clothes off and sing my heart out, and all that lovely gentlemanliness from my friend, and a live look at the Violent Femmes, who have inspired me for over 25 years.

Embracing what is true to me, disregarding the judgments of normativists and authoritarians, I’m in the Loving flow.

Mmmm. Cuddles.

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  • At 3:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think you're great Norrie! I dont think you need thing to be lovable. Keep going with your passions sweetie, and there will be someone..passion attracts passion.
    supportive sister, Bris (I have followed your writings since I was 16)


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