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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Re: Gender Diversity in MySpace

Hi norrie
I've forwarded my response and this e-mail thread onto [names clipped for privacy] TGV Committee; Seahorse Yahoogroup Appetitefordeconstruction Yahoogroup; TMGP List - there's another 150 or so.

Please feel free to pass my e-mail to myspace around - it may encourage ideas for others.

Go get 'em!



Dear MySpace

I totally support the comments below regarding norrie mAy-welby and for that matter any person to be allowed to express their gender they way they desire, not the way a "system" desires.

I also ask why myspace needs to ask this it all, as you don't ask people's race, religion, sexual orientation or other attributes.

I also ask how myspace would want people who legally have "I" on their birth certificates to identify. I am sure that to ask them to commit a lie and break the law would be inappropriate.

Please consider other options for this question, including "do not wish to answer."

Thank you for reading this response.

Yours sincerely

Sally Goldner
bcc norrie mAy-welby


  • At 10:47 pm, Blogger norrie mAy-welby said…

    I've caved in slightly and taken out a myspace at myspace.com/spansexual
    I just said I'm a gay male, which is true if you just consider i have a permanent tuck job ; )


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