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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Bright Young Posses

While out with a posse of very attractive young gay guys last Friday on Oxford St, I was interrogated by a perfect-toothed male television journalist (off duty), who wanted to know what was going on here, why was I, an obviously older person, with these obviously younger people. Because we enjoy each other's company, I said.

They like me, they let me hang around with them, they smell GREAT, and they've got BRAINS, they are not bound by the petty concerns of those who buy what the mass media are sellling, they believe in love and human happiness, they are INTELLIGENT AND THINKING BEINGS, and that's just so rare darling, oh vainglorious television face, putting down a beautiful androgynous blonde guy as vaccous because he didn't get what he wanted from him, and then I spoke with the blonde guy (who was new to me) and he was really smart, which is not surprising, given that he was hanging out with us GEEKS, NERDS, darling, that's why they're hanging with me, we have higher than average intelligence, don't abuse us for that, it's part of statistical reality, and Oh Lord Shiva Begorrah thank the Universe I've managed to acquire a whole social network of intelligent people over the last couple of years.

Yes, they're mostly 25 years younger than me, but that's cos it took this long for my generation and my forebears to change society enough so that young bright minds weren't more often than not destroyed by brutal normalism. Now, it's acceptable to be an obviously queer bright non-conformist, or at least, there's fare less than a 50% chance this will get you killed by 25, and that wasn't the case 25 years ago.

I once wondered what the world would be like if it hadn't killed the talented youth of my early twenties. I'm enjoying finally finding out.

I'm living my dream, connected intellectually and affectionately with my posses, the guys I was out venue-hopping with on Oxord St Friday night, the mixed anarchist crowd I went house-party-hopping with all Saturday night, the cool gang of young friends I hang with when we basically occupy a whole hotel every Monday night, and the wonderful zany pirates, carnies and underground party people who believe in pleasure and love and and welcome me and my dancing into their spaces.

This is my life, and none of the mainstream's judgments about gender or sexuality or even age can limit me without me allowing this blasphemous chaining of my divinely created potiential for intelligent and creative and loving human connectedness.

Love to All,



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