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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Having A Moment

I connected sexually, tantric bliss coarsing through me, joy from being connected with the swelling bulge under my hand under his hand, for he had been holding my hand through the streets and now indoors, and he had put my hand on his thigh, high, then higher, then I felt the stirring, actual, real, unfaked sexual interest in me, and I didn't know where things stood with his boyfriend, how free he was to be with me, so I had to stay with the present, just be present for this moment, this bliss, as my spirit soars and I am open to his energy and there is no separation between me and the rest of reality.

I am whole, fulfilled, Joy and Ecstacy.

Just feeling the feeling from the feeling and the feelings between us.

Does he know what my body is? I wonder why I wonder, for I'm pretty sure he does.

Will there be a progression?

Well, my life is not fated with predictablility, but blessed with love in all forms, and whether this particular manifestation of divine Love is someone I even more intimately connect with, or rather, connect with with less clothes and inhibitions ; ) or whether I have this intimate connection first with some other outlandishly attractive, outrageously gifted, divinely present and keenly intelligent young man, I know that not only will I long have the memory of that ecstatic blossoming, touching just the tips of two fingers on the thick cloth of his pants, feeling the warmth radiating like a blast furnace from that bulge, touching him on one level with just two fingers, but touching him on the feeling level with my whole being, feeling his whole being, breathing him in, giving him my breath, and being wholly filled with bliss and peace and joy, not only do I have this moment, but more importantly, I am now confident that that this will happen again, this bliss is mine, this sexual bliss is my human due, this spiritual/sexual connection is now in my life, a happy tantric life is mine, and I am now blessed with all the love I need and want.

Not just the Dancer in the Dance, but Dancing, in the Dancing, with another Dancer, Um, Dancing Squared, if you follow.. no words really...

As in that moment, sitting side by side, breathing together with our whole beings/ being..

Having a Moment...

Ah! Bliss!


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