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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just a little update

My Best Friend is away on a long road trip for a couple of weeks, so I am compensating by having him here with me on my profile pic.

My schoolgirl crush on girlyBoyX has eased up, in light of my more realistic assessment of their limits, and I am now just deeply in love with all the girly boys in the world. And a couple of tomboy girls ; )

My straight job prospects are looking better, as I am feeling much more competent without the meds, more confident now that I have stopped trying to not be so androgynous, and I have a Diploma in the area I want to return to work in (Community Services), awarded as a work-place assessment by my last employer, when a Certificate 3 is the minimum requirement (and a Diploma is two degrees better). My Job Network provider, who I saw today, has given me confidence that I will be starting appropriate employment real soon.

I have broken free of the chains of normativism, of the bind of gender binary, and of the victimising grip of the Medical-Industrial complex.

And I am very cheered that the song I performed and uploaded a month ago has over a thousand hits! And last night's original song has over a hundred hits already! (These and other songs of mine are posted on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrL6toN4GkY )

My genes are millions of years old, my gender is the same as God, and my family is all of humanity.

Limitless Love always triumphs over the limits of Fear and human authoritarianism!


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