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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Birthday Week from Heaven and Hell

Birthday party night: Awesome, from the pre-party drinks in the thirtieth story lush apartment of a guy I'd met up with a few times (and entertainied romantic thoughts about, since he first met me after the last Colour Parade, and treated me like a princess at last month's Carnival of Electric Illusions), to Club 77 (for this month's Carnival) where so many of my friends were and we danced like a crowd number in a hot musical, then to Tranny Panic where a sweet guy in drag that I shared a crush with a year ago gave me a birthday present and covered my face in red, amd then to Hermann's which was sadly winding up by the time we arrived, and I was parched, and the bar was closed, and the only way I could get a drink was to invite basically everyone still there back to my place for champagne, and I had the best time with all these hot intelligent guys, especially when two of them played chess with me. I was in queer nerd heaven. Most left at 7am, and others were accommodated with my housemate and my spare room.

The night after the birthday, a lovely intelligent and talented boy who'd been dancing at Club 77 came by for a late visit, and my spare room was used again, and it's nice that intelligent lovely people seem to think my place is a good place to be. Of course, it was an added twist to find out that this boy had spent the previous night crashing at the same apartment where the pre-party drinks had been. Hmmm.

Sunday church had a birthday cake for me, and my best friend joined me there, which is quaint and lovely I think. And I like that I'm so queer I go to church, so there.

Monday I managed to burn out a cartoon for the South Sydney Herald, although I had to hand deliver the original, as I didn't have any access to a scanner, so you'll have to wait to see it here. Maybe I can get it off the minister in the morning (as he'd the newspaper editor too. We work him very hard).

Tuesday found me with enough money to buy a replacement for the part broken in my PC, and I managed to connect all the confusing wires successfully, and we have internet at home again, yay! Computer hardware is way beyond my expertise, but I managed, and impressed myself greatly.

On Wednesday I lugged a very heavy television set halfway around Newtown, because a friend offered it to my housemate for free, and it was much more possible for me to carry it, because I'm very fit and strong : D

Thursday started crap, when the guy I'd been meeting a few times cancelled on a planned excursion Thursday night, which then turned amazingly good when girlyBoyX, who knew I had a overwhelming crush on him, initiated a couple of pashes with me, then turned amazingly bad when I found out afterwards this really was going nowhere else, his sexual interests were still very much elsewhere, and a pash was just fun for him.

Friday was fairly horrid, as I was too heartbroken to sleep till 7am. But the drinking party that night was fun!

Saturday was tough, as I got very drunk at the drinking party, and I was outrageously hungover, and had to postpone my planned trip to the markets to sell stuff, until I could move, by which time it was past 3. Then I dragged a very heavy suitcase stuffed with books all the way from the block to Newtown hub. I only managed to sell one comic for 50c, but got 35 bucks for the rest of it at Gould's on the scrape home (the suitcase wheels came off earlier on the way to Newtown, and by the way, have you noticed Mercury is retrograde?). My empty stomach was gratefully filled when I bumped into Food Not Bombs, who were giving way free vegan food. I now had a full belly, and enough money for tobacco, and to get into Trash & Treasure, the official end of my birthday celebrations for this year.

Just before I was about to go out to Trash & Treasure Saturday night, well, the circumstances were awkward and dramatic but I can't to into details without compromising confidentiality, but that's when girlyBoyX told me he had been out partying for thirty hours with the guy I'd been tentatively seeing, and further that it didn't matter because that guy didn't fancy me anyway, and damn, if girlyBoyX hadn't MSNed him and gone for drinks with him, the result may still have been the same for me, but now I'll never know, and I miss thinking for a few weeks (as I did) that it was possible that some nice guy I knew could fancy me.

Trash & Treasure at the Abercrombie was wonderful, with scores of my friends there, including the sexy people who like to dance, and I let loose, dancing my ass off, getting back to my centre and my core and the Universe flowing through me, and I know my androgynous inheritance is older and deeper and stronger than the gender binary.

As the Abercombie was closing, a group of very sexy friends invited me back to their place, and I do fancy more than one of them, but not the girl who was chasing me, sorry pet, and so to save energy I declined, for I've had an emotionally exhausting week, even more than usual for this little manic depressive, and I didn't have the energy to both deflect the girl's advances and try to get close to one of the boys I fancied (not including the one who had also, according to girlyBoyX, declared he would never have sex with me on the ground I don't have the right parts, and fuck, they could at least wait until I put the hard word on them before they knock me back, and I wish girlyBoyX didn't go around pushing the issue with anyone he knows I fancy).

On the other hand, it's truly magnificent that I have having all this romantic intrigue with hot young intelligent guys even though I'm now well and truly a middle aged queen.

Happy Birthday to me!

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