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Thursday, June 12, 2008

adult schmuck raker

Seeking to expand my chances of meeting someone who might fancy me beyond the parameters of my social scene (which is almost exclusively boys only into penis), I put an ad on two internet dating sites, one gay, one straight (I mean, being a boy from the waist up, and a girl below, I gotta try and adapt to the gender binary however I can)... and the standard of responses is poor enough to send me out to the streets for some real life customers, who are generally far better looking than the 100kg neckless wonders trying to pass their bodies off as "average" (and they may be right, God help them) and Gods! How can a 25 year old look so schmuckish???!!! Jesus, I might not get Mr 20YO Nepal again tonight, but I can do better than these frumpy fools, and get paid in the bargain. Laters!

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