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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

From Nepal with Love

After yesterday's depression that I related to lack of intimate lovin', I woke up today despairing of abject poverty, and resolved to go out tonight to the street, to maybe kill two birds with one stone.

It wasn't easy leaving my gorgeous housemate, who was happily drunk and trying to make me stay longer with him watching a movie, but I was resolved, and kept getting ready for an hour or so, leaving later than I'd planned, but in time to get to the strasa for peak hour (1am).

As I cycled across town, I prayed to God in her Aphrodite personae to bless me with a customer.

I was barely on William Street five minutes when a cute little twenty year old Nepalese boy propositioned me with a buttock squeeze, and I took him to the safe house brothel that I had previously been banned from.

(The Anti-Discrimination Board recently finalised my complaint with this safe house brothel, which I had avoided since they illegally demanded a certificate of my HIV status, and I got a letter of apology from the management yesterday.)

Anyway, this tasty young lad decided he liked me being older, and sorted me out with a good half hour's rogering, and now I have enough money to pay my tab at the local shop, buy some baccy, and pay back my neighbour, and my prostate is no longer screaming for attention ; )

Part of me still wistfully wishes I could get intimate lovin' other than as a street whore, but on the other hand, ya gotta go with what works.

Thanks be to God!

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