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Monday, June 16, 2008

Loose Ends ROCKS

I just ended a very wild and windy night dancing up a storm at Phoenix (Loose Ends) where I fell in love with the DJ Matt Vaughan all over again ; )

And of course, tiny world that it is, I know his boyfriend, and no more can a lady say, but we'll always have the Oxford, darling ; )

I started this wintry eve trying to pull a job on the strasa, but it was dead workwise. Mind you, I'm glad I was there, for I helped save a girl from an abduction.

As soon as I saw this colleague being manhandled by a chap trying to drag her to his car, I began marching as fast as I could on killer stilettoes (which is surprisingly fast) ; ) and since he was still pulling her as I approached, I beeped my horn, the one on my coat you naughty things, and the rapscallion retreated to his compensatory sports car and took off.

Glad I was there.

Then I went back to singing "Wam, Bam, I am, a Man", and so had to go and dance.

Phoenix ROCKED. The bar was closed by the time I cycled there from Meryl, but my fabulous tall friend with impeccable self-style, Faggot Rooster, ushered me with the promise of a few more songs, and the DJ excelled this with a whole hour and a half of hot dancing toons, and I was in heaven rocking out on heels like a superstar at my own private party with all the purty people.

I truly felt the love.

Kudos, y'all!

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