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Sunday, September 21, 2008

hotski muso pashed me on the dancefloor

hotski muso pashed me on the dancefloor
while we were dirty dancing

Oh God it was so hot

I was so tired, and this dream was suddenly happening, 3am at an anarchists' party-athon in Sydenham, and I had already decided to go home after one last dance..

And suddenly this hot guy I had thought beyond my chance of winning the affections of is holding my hands on the dancefloor, spinning me, taking me in close, so close, and after a hot dance of faces that lasted minutes, kissed me...

I shelved my disbelief and gave myself to the moment, letting him eat my face to the music, feeling his boy part on my girl part as we thrust and undulated together, falling into his eyes...

Going weak at the knees, only partly from having been on tippy toes kissing this man breathless for half an hour, I decided I needed some elevation, and instinctively put my hand flat on his flat abs, and instantly my spine was erect.

Ooh ooh

Spring has sprung


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