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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Loving Love

My dishy boy regular bed partner for the last nine months has left for the last time, leaviing for China tomorrow, then off to explore some other country. I cry a little if I get sad about losing him, but I am losing nothing.. they come and they go, what I love is the feeling of loving skin on skin, and the genesis of this sensational circumstance is not inherent only in him, but rather, inherent to being a social human being, OIOW, what's got me what I got before will get me that again. But nyeah, part of me likes being a sooky romantic, and it's nice to reflect on our relationship...

I learned more about his plans for his life last night than in the previous nine months put together. He's industriously working as much as possible for the next few years, as he has been for the past couple of years, with the goal of using his amassed capital to go into business, maybe some kind of shop. ( Our understanding was somewhat limited by language limitations, with me not knowing much Chinese, and his English not so practised).

He confirmed again that I had been his first sex partner, and it's sweet to think I'l always be his first lover.. and okay to appreciate he's just one of hundreds (or thousands) for me, there is no sadness in his leaving, just remembered joy in his coming...

And gratitude to the cosmos for such transcendent beauty! Beholding it, I am willingly beholden to its creator, who manifests for me as love.

It's just a different frame for seeing my own story, rather than how much money I have, or what the boss thinks of me, or whatever else might constitute my personal narrative.

I love the love, and the Love loves me.



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