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Friday, December 25, 2009

2009: an odd year with the odd bonk for this odd bod ; )

John, the beautiful Chinese boy, saw me for over a year, as it turned out. He came back from China and took up seeing me on weekly basis again, then asked if he could crash for a few weeks while he was between houses. So, he stayed two months, and more than wore out his welcome, and only left after I threatened to become loud and dramatic. If I can't sleep properly (and I can't if there's a sex addict wanking perennially* with a laptop on the bed), I get sick, and ended up being rushed to hospital in an ambulance with respiratory/circulation/muscle/joint difficulties, and spent September recovering.

I had four other lovers this year, two while John was in China, and a couple after October.

Crusty, a blast from the past, also wore out his welcome. I've known him for over twenty years, since he was 19, and he's still physically sexy, a great rarity in heterosexual forty year old men IMMHO, but alas, after a day of happy bonking and carousing, spent two days lying in my bed eating my food and trying to cadge as much of a free ride as possible before I lined up the Caroline Street squad (my housemate and his friends, and a couple of neighbours) to see him on his way.

On the happy first day, I made the mistake of saying the F word in bed. I mentioned how seeing him repeatedly over such a length of time seemed like a bit of a romantic fantasy to me, resembling as it does a long term relationship. Anyway, he seized the F word, and asked if I'd fulfill one of HIS fantasies, so i shrugged off my romantic notions and strapped on what was required to give him a jolly good rogering.

Surprisingly also with a theme of sexual ambiguity was my encounter with an Arabian prince, who came on to me at a nightclub thinking I was a draq queen, but who was happy to take me for a hot roll in the park though we only had one sausage between us ; )

The Arabian prince met me at the beginning of the year at the Carnival of Electric Illusions, and a Gypsy prince met me at the last Carnival of the year. Then there was the Australian-born Vietnamese guy I met on an internet dating site, rounding my love life out to four more or less casual bonks and one up and down affair, and overall, a marked increase in the quality of the lovemaking ; )

*perennially.. look it up, it's not as much fun as it sounds ; )


  • At 2:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi there,

    I came across this site when searching for a movie about eunuchs.

    Just wanted to say its great that you're so out there. Stuff conventional society!!


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