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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Followed home from the pub

I had noticed the dishy lanky boy, but he seemed a little effeminate, and happy to be monopolised by the older man chatting him up, so I figured there was no point in me making eyes at him. He was part of a group I was drinking with at the Landsdowne, after some of them had played a band gig there. I actually thought I was going home alone when I headed out after closing time, but was pleasantly surprised when the lanky lad followed me from the pub, and shared my umbrella with me.

On the excuse of having time to kill before the trains started running, he came back to my place, and asked for Australian comedy on video. The closest I had was the Aunty Jack show, and so we flirted like awkwardly shy teenagers on the couch while a large moustached man in grandma drag danced to a bean pole falsetto on piano. The boy tapped his hand rythmically next to my thigh, I tapped back, he put this hand over my thigh, and I sprung onto his lap.

I had no idea what sex he thought I was, and when his hand felt my crotch I was prepared for it going either way, but he was happy enough to continue, and in short order we were upstairs and naked.

He'd cast me as sexually adventurous, I'd guess, for he asked if he could have anal sex, as he'd never done that before. He was so beautiful he could have whatever he wanted, I figured, but I wasn't sure what he was asking for, so to clarify, I said "on me or on you?", waited a pause, and before he could freeze, offered "oh on me of course, silly me!", and laughed, but it really could have gone either way.

It was okay, but reminded me I really prefer using my purpose built entrance, even if I can remember how to do what I did before i had that option.

He had the same name as my housemate, but luckily my housemate was out that night, so i didn't have to worry about him freaking out hearing me call his name in ecstasy : )

Yum, dishy lanky muso boys. I think muso is a whole other sexual category, like gay, straight, and dancer. Dancers are beautiful, but really into themselves, while musos are beautiful souls, and really into sharing pleasure and responding to the flow.

Or I'm just a salacious old queen into very attractive young men, and miraculously I get lucky every now and again.



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